The mobile advertising industry continues to evolve at rapid pace — even as we close out 2014; it reflects the relentless pursuit of revenue that publishers and developers need; in order to fire their passion, or sustain their businesses, and ideally both.

Game developers, in particular, are using increasingly sophisticated methods to encourage their users to be ‘good’ and spend some cash on leveling-up, purchase additional game play elements – or buy a host of virtual accoutrements. As we approach the season of gift-giving, Games actually seem to be the gift that keeps on giving, in terms of innovation and especially marketing budgets being lavished on global CPI (cost per install) campaigns.

This is primarily because, anyone who has spent time playing mobile games, perhaps on holiday with their children by their side; is now fully aware of the multitude of ways Games companies endeavor to engage and reward end users, even if they don’t wish to pay any money for the privilege – just watching a video ‘pop up’ can give you much needed extra energy to continue playing for a few minutes more, installation of another App likewise – and that in turn gives money back to the developer in a truly virtuous circle.

Minimob itself has evolved with the times, pioneering such incentivized techniques, and its latest version has been well received this year. Happily sledging its way past 300 million downloads, with more features and benefits packed into its lightweight SDK.

Minimob is the platform of choice for developers looking to get a decent return on their hard-won user base. Indeed, Minimob can literally transform your App, like filling-up an empty Xmas stocking, giving you overflowing distribution or ad monetization almost overnight. Take for example, one reference client nanu, a VOIP app, breaching the one million install mark within just two months of starting CPI campaigns with minimob, having an install base in 175 countries overall. In terms of value, some 93% of installs converted to viable end-users either loading address books or making a call. This reflects the high quality of the demographics available to the platform.

Yet Minimob keeps on giving, with the chance for developers to participate in the ‘App Install’ program, which in turn rewards them with a high percentage revenue share of any third party install generated. In many ways, it’s Christmas come early — in fact, you don’t have to wish it could be Christmas every day, just install Minimob, or run a campaign to drive 1 million downloads — quicker than you can say “Rudolph”!