It’s been slightly more than a year since the official launch of Minimob, and we’ve been humbled by the success of the SDK (with 250 million downloads) and the increasing support from developers (all 3,200 of you) located around the World. Likewise, the publishers we work with, have also enabled Minimob to run some of the most effective campaigns ever seen!

Today, we’d like to announce a new version of Minimob programmed specifically to help our developers realise the full potential of their installs – and extended user bases – with some of the best cross-selling logic available anywhere in the global mobile marketing ecosystem.

The upgraded SDK features an advanced App recommendation engine that uses proprietary algorithms to create unique monetization opportunities for both developers (who are open to promoting ads from vetted third parties) and publishers – who seek to improve the distribution and reach of their services.

In combining big data analytics (crunching billions of requests daily), with collaborative filtering techniques, Minimob now produces personalized App recommendations catering to the specific tastes of each user. This enhanced engine continuously adapts to the evolving preferences of the user, thereby improving the accuracy of recommendations over time.

Technically-speaking, the specs are more-or-less unchanged, with the SDK weighing-in at a super-lightweight 123 kb.

With real-time access to significantly greater logic, it’s clear that making higher profits for developers through improved eCPM is a matter of choice.

Just make doubly sure you ‘check the box’ to enable third-party ads for easy inclusion into one of the most rewarding App monetisation services on the planet!