ONE OF THE best things about working in the dynamic and burgeoning mobile advertising industry, is that you get to stand right by the furnace ovens of App Install commerce which are now driving a revenue boom for both developers and publishers alike.

Minimob itself, prepares fresh daily, thousands upon thousands of offers directly sourced from top-rated advertising partners. Developers can filter by country, platform or payout and request to use those that contextually fit their Apps. The offer list is a buffet that is continuously updated and enriched, with global partners looking for App Installs or sometimes, even more demanding performance based metrics, such as CPA models.

On any given day, Minimob’s offerwall can host in excess of 3,000-4,000 tasty offers for app installs from the top most brand name clients and approved affiliates, as well as InternetQ’s highly successful ‘own label’ product advertisements – in as many as 170 geographies around the world.

A wide spread of delectable topic verticals are covered, from Games, like Castle Clash, to Utilities, like the DU battery saver, to the global lifestyle and ecommerce giants like Zalora. More recently, there has been a glut of Travel apps, like Trivago and, aggressively marketing themselves to a wide and hungry audience.

Talking of appetite, FoodPanda is a Minimob regular, as are the Transport apps like Lyft, blablacar and uber. In particular, if Music be the food of love, you will easily find it on the Minimob offerwall, with apps like StubHub, Guvera and Deezer on there to entertain everyone. That said, local varieties of market produce are also high-up the menu, with well-funded gourmands, such as Snapdeal and PAYTM live in India, driving some significant App digestion nationwide.

Overall, from the 280 pages of culinary offers I browsed upon, there are certainly some names you will have heard of, some maybe not, but there is a single purpose; to fully satiate the desire to connect with your App users and encourage them to download other useful apps – then take action! With the end result being a nice credit boost to your own steadily growing Minimob account.

So, don’t be shy, you can be as selective as you wish for the offers you might ultimately place in your app – or you can simply run the entire collection of Install Ads that’s available. Either way, you’ll be guaranteed to get the digits moving on your account and be supported by one of the most trusted ad partners in the world today.