We’ve often blogged about what developers and publishers can do with the ever-expanding range of features and now, the growing audiences available through the Minimob SDK, as such, it seems a fairly good time to ‘check status’ and assess the third-party advertising opportunity.

From humble beginnings, Minimob has gone on to support more than 2,750 developers generating some 18.8 million installs per month. Over the course of a year, Minimob has captured in excess of 200 million device ID-based customer profiles that can be used for targeting or retargeting; plus mechanisms that allow delivery of different types of ad format across any mobile device and operating system.

In this blog, we have also looked at the additional benefits of employing such a versatile platform with its elegant dashboard that, operationally-speaking, covers in just a few clicks, both the marketing communication aspects of Push Notifications, as well as the opportunities arising from its self-managed advertising solution across a publisher’s stable of Apps.

The focus, of course, has thus far been to enable developers to monetize their success in terms of number of installs and seamlessly unlock the financial value from their inventory, as derived from a select group of advertisers that are deemed contextually appropriate to their audience.

So, in turn, what can third-party advertisers expect from working with the Minimob team? In our opinion, one of the top-most performance-based advertising platforms available in the marketplace today! Not only that, but it works as a ‘managed service’ on behalf of those advertisers, such as game developers, who are primarily looking for expert systems to generate installations.

Minimob additionally integrates and manages more than 130 supply-side networks (SSPs), handling over 100 billion requests per month from both ad-exchanges and premium publishers. Minimob’s proven IP and the ability of the system to serve 60,000 queries per second, helps it deliver a range of dynamic campaign offers based on the best performing formats for each device targeted.

All advertisers need to do is set a predefined price and outline a budget (set or open) and Minimob will initiate a campaign that employs both internal and external media inventory to achieve optimal profitability. On average, it takes only about an hour to set-up and test any campaign!

Advertising with Minimob is that easy – and something the World’s biggest mobile brands, advertising agencies and game developers are doing every minute of every day. So, contact us, and instantly launch your campaign offers by joining the World’s leading performance-based advertising platform.