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Headlines grow big as App installs bring in Cash.

To say their might be a Gold Rush underway, would be a mild understatement, given the massive spotlight suddenly turned onto mobile app installs and game-driven advertising by the behemoths of the industry; namely, Facebook, Google and even more recently, Twitter.

So, why the sudden awareness of the burgeoning battleground that is App discovery? Simple really, it’s where the money is. The numbers are quite astonishing, more so, given Facebook is reporting 59 percent of its advertising business is ‘mobile advertising’ driven – and Google is finding itself late to the party on harvesting mobile specific app campaigns.

As we know, the app ecosystem itself is semi-protected in that Google search spiders can’t easily crawl therein – and permission must be given (and SDKs installed) to enable ad networks to offer targeted adverts into this space. Facebook has clearly got the jump on its major rivals by offering symbiotic App-to-App advertising, with barely one click taking users from a news-feed ad to the target mobile install page.

Of course, Minimob does exactly that type of audience-specific contextual advertising too, but adds a whole lot more. Even beyond the contemporary lurch towards programmatic advertising and RTB networks.

For advertisers, we have a much more orderly way of proceeding. And commercially, we are fully focused on realizing the monetization aspect of the App economy. With more than 200 million devices now on record, as well as a meshed contribution from our growing list of proactive supply-side partners, we can run direct campaigns much more effectively on a developer’s behalf.

The dramatic shift to “performance-based advertising” is significant and permanent. For those app developers looking to be discovered (and downloaded) Minimob works effectively on that basis, CPI first & foremost. Simply set a budget, let Minimob generate the required installs – then further monetize users in creative ways such as In-app purchases, real gold.