Many developers use a different package name for each store where their app is available for download. This makes it easier to track app performance and respond to changes in the advertising and distribution policies of each app store. However, this is not always the case and there are many who prefer the simplicity of having the same package name for an app regardless of source.

For developers using the same package name across different stores, this creates a challenge when store policies differ.  Choose to enable third-party ads in selected formats and your app could be banned in one store; disable them and you are missing on ad revenue on other stores. Thus, it is important that you can specify in which cases certain ads will be served.

Starting with SDK version 2.05, we are introducing the MINIMOB_OUTOFAPP manifest declaration (<meta-data android:name=”MINIMOB_OUTOFAPP” android:value=”true|false” />). This provides a quick and easy way to solve the issue: set parameter value as “false” for the packages available through Google Play and other stores with similar policies (e.g. Samsung app store), and “true” for stores with more relaxed rules. The platform will not serve out-of-app ads from third-parties if the value is “false” or the declaration is missing from the manifest.