Those of you who have enabled third-party ads and used a promo code have seen significant earnings the last few months. It is nice to see the dollars pile up and even nicer once they’ve been deposited in your bank account.

Remember that Minimob pays on a monthly basis via wire transfer provided that your balance exceeds 500 USD. To request a payment you will have to notify your account manager and provide details of the bank account where the money will be deposited.

To make things easier, we have started automating this process. Going to the “Balance” page, you will notice there’s a new section (“Account Details Status”) next to the filtering options. Click on the left button (“Edit Account Details”) and you will see a menu with three tabs. From there you can view account status and promo code in use, enter the required bank account information and provide a list of contacts that will be notified should there are any issues with your account.