We are happy to announce that a series of new features and functions have been added to Minimob. These changes help you ensure compliance with the new Google Policy and at the same time protect your ability to grow the user base and successfully monetize your apps. Changes include new ad formats and options to further customize the contact policy of your application.

Google Play compliance
Application contact policy
Through the application Contact Policy you can now specify which ad formats will be supported by your app. More specifically, for each ad format you have three options: disable, enable for ads from your own campaigns , and enable for all ads (including third-party)

Target Google Play apps
Through the campaign targeting settings you can now have your campaigns only serve ads through apps downloaded from selected stores

SDK download
During the SDK download process you can choose permissions that enable certain functions (e.g. click2call) to be left out of your app

New ad formats
With the introduction of the two in-app ad formats you can specifically target users who have the app open. It also opens up a whole world of possibilities, especially in combination with click2intent type of campaigns

  • AdWall is a full-page container window that can host up to five ads. Through the application Contact Policy you can have the AdWall show up every time the app comes to the foreground
  • Dialog (in-app) ads present users with an offer and the option to dismiss or accept it by pressing the respective buttons

Our portfolio of out-of-app ads has been enhanced with two more formats

  • A variation of the existing push notifications, Push (banner) ads consist of a user-selected image and also appear on the notifications area of the device
  • Dialog (push) ads are identical with their in-app cousins but are shown to users even when the app is not in use

At Minimob, we are committed to providing the best possible service to each and every partner. We value your opinion and welcome your feedback. Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have.