Google+ social network closes for the public, will remain open for businesses @ Business of Apps

2019-05-29T20:26:18+03:00October 9th, 2018|Best-practices, Integrations, Market-insights|

  Google’s failed Facebook challenger, Google+, has been closed to the public after a security bug left user data open to hackers; but Google will revamp the service for businesses. Google says around 500,000 users were affected by [...]

App marketers are only slowly adopting in-app header bidding technologies despite proven advantages @ Business of Apps

2019-05-29T20:27:21+03:00October 5th, 2018|Articles, Best-practices, Market-insights|

  Just 31% of app marketers are utilizing in-app header bidding solutions, whilst the majority (57%) is still using waterfall-based systems where ad opportunities are presented to advertisers in sequential order. However, waterfalls tend to come with a [...]