Minimob now supports GAID for Android devices and IDFA/IFA for iOS devices, which enable accurate control over tracking and targeting while circumventing privacy concerns for mobile device users (GAID and IDFA/IFM are the unique, user-specific, anonymous and resettable identifiers for advertising purposes that have been established by Android and Apple, respectively). In addition, as it has become a rather common practice for affiliates to assign unique ids to each of their traffic sources, Minimob has recently been equipped with the ability to collect such information from our supply side affiliates, and utilize it.

These new features yield benefits for both our demand side and our supply side partners. The enhancements help Minimob not only to provide better visibility and transparency to Advertisers but also to establish more robust optimization techniques. Advertisers have access to more detailed information about end users and the promotional channels used. Consequently, Advertisers can utilize this information for optimizing their campaigns and their attribution models as well as for improving their targeting for their future campaigns.

In fact, many of our Advertisers require that their campaigns are run only through affiliates who provide this information. Thus, a Publisher who aligns with this requirement will gain access to a broader range of premium offers. Doing so will also give Advertisers the flexibility to optimize their campaigns at the level of the Publisher’s affiliates, filtering out individual traffic sources instead of the entire Publisher.

A lot to gain, nothing to lose!

Setting this up in Minimob doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Sign in, head for the Monetize section and go to the Configuration menu. When configuring the Click URL, you’ll see you now have the option to include the following predefined URL parameters: gaid, idfa and pub_subid. The first two, gaid and idfa, are used so that you can pass to Minimob the unique advertising identifiers of Android and iOS mobile device users, respectively. The pub_subid parameter is used for passing the unique id (that you have assigned) of the traffic source from which the transaction originates. The values configured for the parameters are essentially placeholders that will be replaced by the actual values during run-time.

Predefined URL parameters

Finally, you need to adjust your ad serving system according to the new configuration of the Click URL, so that it passes the relevant information to Minimob.