Drawing on our years of experience in mobile marketing and after carefully listening to the needs of advertisers, the Minimob team is pleased to announce that advertising has just got its own dashboard. The dashboard for advertising complements the one for monetization, altogether providing an integrated and powerful solution for those looking to buy or sell advertising space.

The dashboard for advertising is a web-based self-service tool that enables advertisers to create and manage their campaigns on their own. Through the dashboard, Advertisers can quickly and effortlessly set up campaigns, monitor their performance and manage the relevant budgets.

In just a few simple steps, campaigns can be created and instantly become available to millions of users worldwide through our affiliated ad networks and publishers. The same app can be promoted through multiple campaigns, with each campaign carrying its own characteristics (e.g. targeting, bidding, budgeting, etc.). The details of the app can automatically be retrieved by specifying only the app’s store URL, while the creatives of the app are shared across all of its campaigns.

Configuration of postback tracking is much facilitated as the minimob platform is integrated with several tracking providers, but it is also possible to use any other tracking provider, including proprietary ones. For monitoring and tuning the performance and cost of campaigns and apps, the platform provides flexible reporting options where results can be grouped and filtered based on numerous parameters.

Allocation of advertising budget can be defined down to the campaign level, by setting limits per day, week and month as well as for the entire duration of the campaign. Controlling which apps and campaigns can run and, thus, consume budget is quite straightforward as each campaign can be individually set to run as scheduled or forced to stop, while suspending all the campaigns of an app takes only one click.

But don’t take our word for it. Whether already a member of the minimob community or not, log in to minimob, click on the Advertise button and experience the simplicity and freedom over campaign management that it offers.