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More visibility and transparency? Done!

Minimob now supports GAID for Android devices and IDFA/IFA for iOS devices, which enable accurate control over tracking and targeting while circumventing privacy concerns for mobile device users (GAID and IDFA/IFM are the unique, user-specific, anonymous and resettable identifiers for advertising purposes that have been established by Android and Apple, respectively). In addition, as it has become a rather common practice for affiliates to assign unique ids to each of their traffic sources, Minimob has recently been equipped with the ability to collect such information from our supply side affiliates, and utilize it. READ MORE

Conversions count, so gear up to count them right

Minimob provides its users with the ability to customize the tracking and postback URLs in order to support different conversion scenarios and to better adapt to the particular needs of each user.

Read on to find out how to draw on minimob’s extended tracking and postback capabilities. READ MORE