The Social Networking world we inhabit minute-by-minute appears to be a little confused at present, for example displaying its Yin-Yang relationship with the topic of Push Notifications.

Certainly if twitter is anything to go by, a quick search on the keyword [Push Notifications] throws-up quite a mix of feedback or dare we say “emotions”, feelings that developers would do well to pay attention to when thinking about their contact policy.

Whilst the majority of tweets are actually users passionately requesting for Push Notifications to be added to favorite Apps, there are a few complaints being meted out pertaining to those Apps that ‘overdo’ their communication. Essentially these Apps swiftly get labelled as ‘spammy’.

Of course, no one in the industry wants that kind of reputation and so, it is important for developers to take a ‘conservative’ view when scheduling communication messages. If every single App content update dishes out a push message then it’s fairly sure that users will eventually get rattled. The good news is that these features can (and should) be easily managed by the issuing platform – and that those Apps should be able to put users on furlough whenever required.

As readers can see from the screenshots below, there have been calls for Push to be added into many Apps, but also some vitriolic denials of its ‘utility’. Well, it’s all about best practice — in that the opt in service must be stable and well managed, incorporate Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings and also be in context. Our advice? Take advantage of these features of Minimob to heighten – and reflect the Apps genuine value in your communications ‘flow’ to your subscribers.

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A mixed bag of tweets!