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minimob joins Casual Connect Tel Aviv

Creating beautiful and fun games takes great talent, extensive experience and sufficient resources. Effectively promoting them on mobile devices requires an ad platform that delivers great results: minimob.

Game developers, regardless of size and years in the market, want to drive quality users into their mobile games, convert them into paying users and keep them engaged.

minimob joined Casual Connect in Tel Aviv to showcase how indies and big gaming companies can best utilize the platform’s self-serve interface to achieve their ad targets.

CasualConnect_TelAviv_2016_blog_550pxIf you missed the chance to meet with our team, email us at events@minimob.com We’d be happy to address any questions and get a new partnership started.

Conversions count, so gear up to count them right

Minimob provides its users with the ability to customize the tracking and postback URLs in order to support different conversion scenarios and to better adapt to the particular needs of each user.

Read on to find out how to draw on minimob’s extended tracking and postback capabilities. READ MORE