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So, what can third-party Advertisers expect from Minimob?

We’ve often blogged about what developers and publishers can do with the ever-expanding range of features and now, the growing audiences available through the Minimob SDK, as such, it seems a fairly good time to ‘check status’ and assess the third-party advertising opportunity.


Follow the money

Earnings per day and per source (CPAI, CPC) can easily be seen from the “Balance” page. What is not so easy though is identifying where the opportunities for more revenue are. As a first step, we have added a new feature that will allow developers to see the best performing markets and channels system-wise and enable them focus their efforts in areas that promise a better payout. READ MORE

The Tao of Push, going with the flow…

The Social Networking world we inhabit minute-by-minute appears to be a little confused at present, for example displaying its Yin-Yang relationship with the topic of Push Notifications.

Certainly if twitter is anything to go by, a quick search on the keyword [Push Notifications] throws-up quite a mix of feedback or dare we say “emotions”, feelings that developers would do well to pay attention to when thinking about their contact policy. READ MORE

When Push Comes to Shove, Use Best Practice

THEY SAY there are two sides to every story and true enough, it look’s like there are some different plot lines developing in the fast-evolving world of “push notifications”.

Now, as illustrious a journal as the Harvard Business Review recently issued a blog-post entitled “Don’t Let Mobile Apps Get Pushy” by Richard Ting — which has created a foment of response and extended the debate for those pioneering the PUSH industry. READ MORE

Shock tactics: Stopping Mobile Advertising Going Down a Blind Alley

It came as a bit of a shock, but the more I looked into Mobile Advertising, the more things didn’t seem to add-up right? Especially in terms of effectiveness and the often astonishing figures being bandied about by industry watchers and ad networks alike (you know, $20 billion here, $5.3 billion there). Yet, getting to witness these figures seemed anything but simple. READ MORE