TOKYO GAME SHOW (TGS) commits to a game industry evolving with new technologies and promotes to Asia and the world for business success.

TOKYO GAME SHOW(TGS) is actively expanded information of the games in Japan, Asia, and rest of the world. TGS2019 is a source of new movements such as 5G network, which brings game more comfortable and enjoyable by development of digital video distributions.

Tokyo Game Show is:

  1. Approaching to game fan communities
  2. Catching e-sports following winds
  3. Focusing on new technologies make games fun
  4. Broadcasting the fun of games

Minimob partnered up with Gkit to exhibit together at booth 3-C10 and the #minimob_team along with the Gkit team will be there to talk #mobile with you on the  12th and 13th of September at Makuhari Messe, International Conference Hall and Event Hall .

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