By popular request, a powerful new feature is about to be released in MiniMob. Although simple to use, it opens up so many possibilities that I believe its actual use will surprise us, once users embrace it.

The new “Intent” campaign type allows you to invoke an Activity within your application, to which you can also pass an activity flag and even specify Extras (i.e. a Bundle of additional information).


You can read more about Intents in the Android reference documentation. It is really easy to set up from inside MiniMob, but the interesting part is how you can use it from inside your application. The possibilities are really endless, so I’m just going to list some uses off the top of my head, and I’m sure that more will pop off your head, even before finishing reading my own list!

  • You can send your application updated images or other creatives. Granted, the input box is quite small, but it won’t choke if you give it the base64 string of the MiniMob logo, for example.
  • You can send your application new configuration, e.g. threshold values for how easy ghouls drop down when you machine-gun them, or initial health value for the player.
  • Once you’re there, why not make even more of your application logic reside inside configuration (script files)?
  • Or even load application logic dynamically, so that you can replace it by sending new classfiles? (Somebody stop me!…)

I’m sure you’ll be able to grow this list tremendously. Maybe we’ll have a recurring theme where we list new ways users have used Intent campaigns for. So, waste time no more, wait for the Intent campaigns to appear during the following days and be the first to put them to good use.