Have you ever stared at a graph in the Reports tab and wished you knew a little more about what the jagged lines meant? Well, all you need to do is analyze the numbers!

Meet Wolfram Alpha, a wonderful (and free) tool from the creator of Mathematica. Its power can be harnessed to process the quantities in the graph, but you need a hold on them, and this can be done from within the Javascript console of your choice, be that Developer Tools in IE, Firebug in Firefox, or any other.

Here’s what you have to do: first, produce the graph you want. Then, run the following javascript snippet in the context of the page.

 window.open('http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i={'+jQuery.map(Highcharts.charts[0].series[1].data,function(e) { return e.config[1]}).join(',')+'}')

A new window (or tab) will open, Wolfram Alpha will be invoked and you will be presented with useful statistics, like the mean, the median and the standard deviation, a histogram of the values, and a graph of the cumulative sums. Here you go!