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Minimob sponsors @ POCKET GAMER Connects, Seattle Washington, US

Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle May 13 – 14, 2019 features a mixture of main and mini-tracks focusing on key issues core to the mobile games industry.

Minimob is a Track Sponsor and gives the opportunity to someone to come along and enjoy the privileges of a sponsoring ticket normally priced at 1K.

Like the post and comment “YES” on LinkedIn and Instagram until Friday 10/5 to win.

Book your meetings with the #minimob_team at events@minimob.com

User Acquisition (UA): Tips and tricks

Do you have the plan, the team and the dream for a digital innovation? You are probably missing something if you can’t achieve what you aimed for and that may be on UA. Get your head in the game and gain new users. Create a strategy intended not only to attract a targeted audience of your choice but also to convince them to use and keep using what you are offering. The way to success can be simple when the right tactics and channels are used.

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