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The war for tech talent in Seattle is still on and the city lives and breaths the growth of mobile-related businesses, including mobile marketing agencies, e-commerce and m-commerce giants, game publishers and more.

In the heart of the ’emerald city’, at the Marion Oliver McGaw Hall, Tune hosted on July 20th and 21st its annual Postback event, welcoming a thousand influencers and leaders of the mobile marketing ecosystem. postback blog

Minimob’s team was onsite alongside the elite of the mobile advertising industry and enjoyed all aspects of this gathering; from the grand opening with the opera song delivered by Tune’s CEO, Peter Hamilton, to the impressive closing chat on stage between Peter and Apple’s VP of Advertising Platforms, Todd Teresi. minimob_at_Postback_2017_1


Minimob’s presence at this year’s Postback was important for several reasons; a handful of productive meetings during the two days allowed to reconnect with existing clients and partners and mingle with like-minded professionals, while enjoying the fun networking events including the official party at the Museum of Popular Culture, the garden party at the seaside and conversations at the promenade of the McGaw Hall venue. minimob_at_Postback_2017_3

Last but foremost, minimob was proud to be a partner and support through a donation Ignite Worldwide’s initiative for the advancement of Women In Technologyminimob_at_Postback_2017_4

If you missed your chance to connect with our team onsite, email us and get in touch!

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