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APPquisition: Mixing it up with Minimob at MoMo Singapore

It is fair to say that buzz-words in our business come-and-go, however I do like this one, because it’s something I have co-opted for an upcoming MobileMonday event in Singapore to summarize something really important, namely, the huge shift towards the commercial acquisition of users by App Install advertising. READ MORE

Capping impressions and clicks

An increasing number of developers are taking advantage of the free tools provided by Minimob to create their own campaigns and effectively utilize the ad inventory of their apps. By running targeted campaigns developers can not only promote their other offerings, but can also act as advertising agents and deliver ads from third parties. READ MORE

This just in: banner ads come to Minimob

Banners have been around from the very beginning and continue to be one of the most used ad formats in mobile advertising. This was definitely something missing in Minimob and we are now happy to introduce banner ads in two forms: fixed-position and interstitial. Integrating any or both forms in an app is easy, provided that the latest SDK (version 2.05) is used. READ MORE