SDK integration: key changes

The release of our new SDK (version 2.05) has brought a few changes in the steps needed to successfully integrate the SDK in an app.  While only marginal, caution is required to avoid any mishaps. Please make sure you use the new instructions to avoid any issues and make sure ads are properly served.

Key changes affecting the manifest:

  • Renamed method PushAds to Ads
  • Added MINIMOB_OUTOFAPP declaration
    <meta-data android:name=”MINIMOB_OUTOFAPP” android:value=”true|false” />

New method to directly request an interstitial banner ad:
Minimob.showBanner(this, adCallbackListener);

Banner placement in an activity:

One thought on “SDK integration: key changes

  1. Jenaya

    connitue with the the good work on the blog. I love it. Could maybe use some more updates more often, but iÂ’m quite sure that you got more or better things to do , hehe. =p


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