minimob @ Tech Open Air, Berlin

From July 11 to July 14, the top players from tech, commerce and media ecosystem joined Europe’s leading interdisciplinary technology festival, at Berlin. Among 20,000 attendees, there have been dozens of high-ranking executives from the companies at the forefront of technology. And, more than 500 of the world’s top investors and partners from over 100 VCs headed to Berlin for TOA.


Minimob Team didn’t miss the chance to join and attend many interesting events such as the Viessmann future presentation of the household and how Mobile Apps can support the way of life on that.

The location for the whole event was quite impressive, as it was placed in the Funkhaus Berlin.



Additionally to that, Berlin was covered with several workshops on media techniques, art and futuristic developments on how to expand the symbiosis between lifestyle and useful inventions.



It was so nice to see so many industry friends and of course we are looking forward to meeting you in one of our next events!


Just email us at, and get in touch!






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