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One package name, many app stores, different ad policies

Many developers use a different package name for each store where their app is available for download. This makes it easier to track app performance and respond to changes in the advertising and distribution policies of each app store. However, this is not always the case and there are many who prefer the simplicity of having the same package name for an app regardless of source. READ MORE

Make your Intents known

By popular request, a powerful new feature is about to be released in MiniMob. Although simple to use, it opens up so many possibilities that I believe its actual use will surprise us, once users embrace it.

The new “Intent” campaign type allows you to invoke an Activity within your application, to which you can also pass an activity flag and even specify Extras (i.e. a Bundle of additional information). READ MORE


Fusion Cuisine

I bet you’re wondering how much nicer it would be to visualize per-country statistics from your Minimob Reports on a nice map. Well, who’s stopping you?

Go ahead and export the data in Excel format. Afterwards, you’ll import this in the Fusion tables of your Google Drive. READ MORE


Analyze that!

Have you ever stared at a graph in the Reports tab and wished you knew a little more about what the jagged lines meant? Well, all you need to do is analyze the numbers!

Meet Wolfram Alpha, a wonderful (and free) tool from the creator of Mathematica. Its power can be harnessed to process the quantities in the graph, but you need a hold on them, and this can be done from within the Javascript console of your choice, be that Developer Tools in IE, Firebug in Firefox, or any other. READ MORE

Go local with Google Map URLs

When the users of your incredible location-based strategy game reach the thousands, you’re bound to want to organize an event so they can meet one another. Or, if you want a more down-to-earth example, you may just want to promote some local event or place when using location-based targeting (but why would you want to spoil this for me?). READ MORE


Click2market Campaigns: Cross-promoting your apps

Most people coming to Minimob are independent developers having built a number of apps and looking for an inexpensive way to cross-promote them. Well, Minimob is free, so you can’t find a more inexpensive solution than that! Now, having come to the right place to begin with, how does one go about achieving the intended goal? The answer is the click2market campaign. READ MORE