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SDK update: support for the Google Advertiser ID

As you may already know, Google has announced that starting 1 August 2014 use of the Advertising ID will be mandatory for any advertising purposes in all updates and new apps distributed through Google Play. Detailed information can be found in the Advertising ID page.

An updated version of the Minimob SDK in compliance with this requirement is already available. Make sure to integrate the updated SDK in any new apps and updates you are about to submit to Google Play after August 1.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Minimob Support.

Profiting from CPI campaigns

The Cost-per-Install (CPI) model is gaining ground as advertisers (developers, ad agencies, etc.) increasingly embrace it to promote mobile apps. Under this model, advertisers will pay a fixed amount only after a user has downloaded and opened the application. Cost certainty and passing on the burden of campaign optimization to the advertising networks drive the model’s increasing popularity. READ MORE

Introducing payments through PayPal

TPaypal_Logohe option to have PayPal as the preferred method of receiving payments has been added to Minimob. This is something many developers were asking for and we are happy to deliver on that front. Payments through PayPal are currently supported for amounts between 100 and 500 USD.

Striving to improve the user experience and facilitate the payment request process, we have now added the ability to directly request a payment through the platform. Clicking on the “Manage Payments” button (“Balance” page), developers can view a history of past payments, request a new payment or cancel a pending one.

Capping impressions and clicks

An increasing number of developers are taking advantage of the free tools provided by Minimob to create their own campaigns and effectively utilize the ad inventory of their apps. By running targeted campaigns developers can not only promote their other offerings, but can also act as advertising agents and deliver ads from third parties. READ MORE

Follow the money

Earnings per day and per source (CPAI, CPC) can easily be seen from the “Balance” page. What is not so easy though is identifying where the opportunities for more revenue are. As a first step, we have added a new feature that will allow developers to see the best performing markets and channels system-wise and enable them focus their efforts in areas that promise a better payout. READ MORE

This just in: banner ads come to Minimob

Banners have been around from the very beginning and continue to be one of the most used ad formats in mobile advertising. This was definitely something missing in Minimob and we are now happy to introduce banner ads in two forms: fixed-position and interstitial. Integrating any or both forms in an app is easy, provided that the latest SDK (version 2.05) is used. READ MORE

Get paid with Minimob

Those of you who have enabled third-party ads and used a promo code have seen significant earnings the last few months. It is nice to see the dollars pile up and even nicer once they’ve been deposited in your bank account.

Remember that Minimob pays on a monthly basis via wire transfer provided that your balance exceeds 500 USD. To request a payment you will have to notify your account manager and provide details of the bank account where the money will be deposited. READ MORE

One package name, many app stores, different ad policies

Many developers use a different package name for each store where their app is available for download. This makes it easier to track app performance and respond to changes in the advertising and distribution policies of each app store. However, this is not always the case and there are many who prefer the simplicity of having the same package name for an app regardless of source. READ MORE