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Colin serves as VP, Global Sales & Marketing for minimob; as well as being GM for its APAC offices. With a career spanning more than 15 years in mobile, he has acquired several industry titles, including; MEF Asia 'Chair Emeritus'. He is President of the Mobile Alliance, Singapore; and Co-organiser: MobileMonday Singapore. Colin also sits on the Mobile Committee at IAB SG. He remains a regular Panel Judge for the GLOMO Awards (GSMA); the Asia Communication Awards (TotalTele) - and the World Summit Awards (UN-WSIS). He's been living & working in Asia for the past 24 years - and tweets regularly on industry matters @ColinMiles

Google Swipes the Headlines in Developer Conference Battle!

For developers, it’s always worth thumbing-through major announcements, trends and more especially, the particular media feedback generated from those big Stateside developer conferences; namely Apple’s WWDC and Google’s IO — which has just been held at the iconic Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco (June 25–26). READ MORE

Mary Meeker ‘takeaways’: One + One = US$40 billion for App developers.

For many people, okay, Senior Executives, attending the two-day ‘Code Conference‘ in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, the big names ( such as Nadella, Brin, and err…Paltrow?) kept appearing on stage, thereby justifying the US$6,500 ‘standard fee’ entry ticket (which was already sold out weeks in advance), but in terms of ‘takeaways’ that they could show to the boss – the most important one was soon freely available to everyone online: Mary Meeker. READ MORE

So, what can third-party Advertisers expect from Minimob?

We’ve often blogged about what developers and publishers can do with the ever-expanding range of features and now, the growing audiences available through the Minimob SDK, as such, it seems a fairly good time to ‘check status’ and assess the third-party advertising opportunity.


Meet Minimob: in Singapore, the Philippines, Cologne or London!

All around the globe, publishers and developers will soon have the chance to meet with – and discuss the benefits of – using one of the World’s fastest growing Push Notification platforms, namely

Firstly, InternetQ representatives will be on hand at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum (MMAF) in Singapore on August 22nd & 23rd at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Officially, InternetQ will be speaking on the topic of Social Entertainment & hosting a Panel on the impact of social networks on TV, but just come along and say hi! if you are planning to be there. READ MORE

The Tao of Push, going with the flow…

The Social Networking world we inhabit minute-by-minute appears to be a little confused at present, for example displaying its Yin-Yang relationship with the topic of Push Notifications.

Certainly if twitter is anything to go by, a quick search on the keyword [Push Notifications] throws-up quite a mix of feedback or dare we say “emotions”, feelings that developers would do well to pay attention to when thinking about their contact policy. READ MORE

When Push Comes to Shove, Use Best Practice

THEY SAY there are two sides to every story and true enough, it look’s like there are some different plot lines developing in the fast-evolving world of “push notifications”.

Now, as illustrious a journal as the Harvard Business Review recently issued a blog-post entitled “Don’t Let Mobile Apps Get Pushy” by Richard Ting — which has created a foment of response and extended the debate for those pioneering the PUSH industry. READ MORE

Shock tactics: Stopping Mobile Advertising Going Down a Blind Alley

It came as a bit of a shock, but the more I looked into Mobile Advertising, the more things didn’t seem to add-up right? Especially in terms of effectiveness and the often astonishing figures being bandied about by industry watchers and ad networks alike (you know, $20 billion here, $5.3 billion there). Yet, getting to witness these figures seemed anything but simple. READ MORE