APPquisition: Mixing it up with Minimob at MoMo Singapore

It is fair to say that buzz-words in our business come-and-go, however I do like this one, because it’s something I have co-opted for an upcoming MobileMonday event in Singapore to summarize something really important, namely, the huge shift towards the commercial acquisition of users by App Install advertising.

As such, InternetQ is keen to help lead the agenda on the topics of both User Acquisition and mobile advertising network & campaign management, so we were delighted to have this chance to help co-organize this MobileMonday event in Singapore, set for Monday July 7th. If you are around (it is during the week of ad:tech so many industry folks & ad networks should be in town) make sure you attend!

Likewise, if you are one of our developers in Singapore, come along and see what all the fuss is about, as we help discuss with a leading panel of industry experts the nuts and bolts of user acquisition and monetization – all being driven by Apps.

The topic of the event reflects the stat of play, “GRAB them while you can! Customer APPquisition changes the Game.” And the content pretty much sums up what we are seeing across the industry: “Everyone is at it: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL and now even Google are ploughing the rich and fertile fields of ‘App Install Ads’ with a passion rarely seen in the mobile advertising industry!” A rollicking MoMo panel is all set to bash around the pros and cons of user acquisitions, so come along and get the practitioner’s view of the sharp-end of the mobile business.”

For the purposes of the debate, attendees will see the Panel focus on the following:

•The hottest topic in town, how to aggressively acquire users in the app economy?
•Acquisition, monetization and other long words that are now being translated into acronyms: CPA, CPI & CPAI…
•Is programmatic making life easier or more complex? Does anyone understand the ecosystem? Trading Desks, DSPs, SSPs, Exchanges and Affiliates?
•When you say RTB, do you know what it actually means? Because every millisecond counts!

The expert panel itself comprises:
Rico Wyder, Fiksu [the App Analytics experts]
Kenrick Drijkoningen, Non-stop Games [someone who spends all day acquiring customers]
Sergio Salvador, Global Head Games Partnerships at Google [highly experienced Googler with Games insights]
Marcus Tan, Sales Director, BBM [a mobile advertising industry veteran]

The evening is sponsored by global App analytics leader FIKSU. and organised in conjunction with MobileMonday and Mobile Alliance Singapore, with emcees and moderators Colin Miles (InternetQ PLC) and Christian Geissendoerfer (Yoose). It should be an interesting event and along with what happens at ad:tech, we shall try to capture what was discussed on the topic in Singapore.

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